In recent months, we have frequently received questions as to whether the free attempt regulations will also apply this semester and whether the standard period of study will be increased again.

Currently, we cannot say whether such regulations will be continued this semester, because the corresponding Corona Epidemic University Ordinance has not yet been published by the state of NRW. This ordinance and, if necessary, subsequent decisions by the rectorate will determine this matter.

We are committed to ensuring that the free trial regulation and other measures continue this semester. The current infection statistics show that we are still in the middle of the pandemic. Everyday university life also reflects this. Much of the teaching is done digitally and most of the learning spaces are closed. So the free trial regulations and the increase in the standard period of study are only a small part of relieving the burden on us students.

As soon as we know something new about the regulations, we will inform you about it on all our channels. As soon as the Corona Epidemic University Regulations are published, you will be able to find them here:

(mda, lsd)