Representation of students with disabilities
and chronic illness (VORSCHUB)

It should be possible for everyone to study at RWTH Aachen University without restriction. People with chronic illnesses and disabilities should have the same opportunity as everyone else to study at the university and complete their desired degree. In doing so, you will be supported by us, the representation of students with disabilities and chronic illness (VORSCHUB for short). Our office exists since 2016 and replaces the former Representation of Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illness and that of the Subject Area Disability Issues Students.

We advocate for the interests of students – from barrier-free access to lecture halls to compensation for disadvantages and individual and confidential counseling. In addition, we provide students with study assistants who can accompany them in everyday university life. We want to contribute to students being able to study under good and individual conditions and to feel well taken care of and comfortable at RWTH Aachen University.

For questions about studying with disabilities and chronic illness, we are of course also the contact point for all RWTH staff and lecturers.

Further down on this page you can also find an overview of documents with useful info.

Accessibility feedback

In this form you can submit feedback and comments about accessibility at RWTH!

International Students

General Information on studying in Germany as a disabled student can be found here. Click here to get to know more about our InternationalStudent Support Group Depression and Anxiety.


RWTH Navigator

With the RWTH Navigator you can find barrier-free toilets. Please note that baby changing rooms are the same as accessible restrooms.

Our consultation

We are offering our consultation online via E-Mail, telephone or Zoom – even in urgent cases. We also do face-to-face consultation on the AStA (Pontwall 3 52062/Aachen).

Everything important about our consulting is also presented again in our flyer.

Consultation hours:

Wed. 10:00 – 12:00

Click here for the Zoom Meeting.
Meeting-ID: 9610 7259 338

Christmas break from 22.12.22 – 06.01.2023
in case of emergency you can contact the following contact points:

RWTH Aachen University Hospital
Pauwelsstr. 30, Aachen
Phone: +49 (0) 241 / 80 0 or emergency room 80 88364 

Alexianer Hospital
Alexiangraben 33, Aachen
Phone: +49 (0) 241 / 47 70 10 

Consultation topics

  • health-related difficulties in studies
  • Compensation for disadvantages in examination performance
  • Support by study assistants
  • Relaxation room for rest between events
  • Support group
  • Hardship applications
  • Semester off due to illness
  • Reimbursement of the semester ticket
  • BAföG special regulations
  • Living in a dormitory with a disability or illness
Contact for consultaion


Philip Balcar, telephone: +49 151 70432206
Alessa Stemmer, 
telephone: +49 175 1668342

contact for all other matters

Representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses







My name is Philip Balcar and I am studying industrial engineering with a specialization in civil engineering for my bachelor’s degree. I am 23 years old and come from the Allgäu. I am always in a good mood, love to read and am always happy to meet new people.

Since February 2021, I am part of VORSCHUB and therefore the voice for students with chronic illness and disabilities in the Senate and the Student Parliament.

If you have any questions about compensation for disadvantages, hardship applications and financing options, or if you need a sympathetic ear, just write an email or come to our consultation. You can reach me at or at 0151 70432206.

My name is Alessa Stemmer, I am 21 years old and I study social sciences in the bachelor’s program. After working as a health and nursing assistant, I have been the deputy representative for students with chronic illness or disability at VORSCHUB since May 2022.

Apart from my enthusiasm for sports, I also enjoy going to cafés, for example.

If you have any questions, concerns or other issues, for example about counseling, please feel free to contact me. You can reach me at or at 0175 1668342.


Compensation for disadvantages

The disadvantage compensation means the attempt to support students with disabilities or chronic illnesses according to their potentials instead of disadvantaging them. Here you can find a detailed explanation of the disadvantage compensation as well as instructions on how to apply for it.

disadvantage compensation


Our study guide provides a compact compilation of the assistance offered, counseling centers and other important information for students at RWTH.
Study Guide

Form Compensation for disadvantages

You can present this sample template to your doctors as a guide so that they know how best to formulate your compensation for disadvantages.

Information for doctors

Financing options for studying with an impairment

Here you will find a brief overview of funding options for studying with an impairment.

Financing Options 

Inclusion assistance, study assistants

Here you will find an overview of the dokuments which are necessary in order to apply for integration assistance from the responsible service provider (Landschaftsverband Rheinland). One form of support can be a study assistance, which helps students to better organize and structure their daily study routine. 

study assistants

Inclusion assistance

Distress phone numbers

Here is a list of the most important emergency numbers and a brief guide on how to best communicate an emergency situation. Wondering what the University Guard actually does? Then you can learn more about it here:

Emergency Numbers

The hardship application (Härtefallantrag)

Another special application is the hardship application, which aims at the immediate admission to a study program, for example with the reason that the student suffers from an illness with a tendency to worsen. In addition, there is the from “Hochschulstart”, a site through which many application procedures for studies run, as well as instructions on how to apply for the hardship application.

Admission to a Degree Program Exceptional Circumstances

Applying to the RWTH for exceptional circumstances

Request for a vacation semester

There can be various reasons why you want or need to apply for a vacation semester (illness, an internship or study abroad, etc.). You can submit the prefabricated application to the Office of Student Affairs and normally receive a leave of absence for one semester.

Application for a Leave Of Absence From Studies

Devices in the library, quiet room

There are regulations at RWTH Aachen University that are intended to make studying a little easier for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. On the one hand, there is a “special status” of the library, which allows you, for example, to apply for increased loan periods.
In addition, there is a “quiet room”, which is not open to the public and offers students a relaxation or learning environment.

Devices in the University Library  

Quiet rooms


Here you can find orientation information about the restrooms in the RWTH buildings.


Parking zones

Here you will find information about all parking areas at the RWTH.

Parking zones

Handout barrier-free living

In this document VORSCHUB has compiled information about barrier-free living in Aachen. For further information and individual questions, students can contact

Accessible Housing

If you have any questions or comments about VORSCHUB feel free to write us via our contact formular: