In a few days, the Erstiwoche 2021 will begin! For many new students, this means a whole new phase of their lives here in Aachen. But what actually happens during the Erstiwoche and how does the start into your studies work?

The Erstiwoche is organized by the student councils together with the central ESA team and begins on Monday, October 4th, with an introductory event at 10am. The introductory event will take place digitally for most students – however, a few introductions will take place in presence. Registration for the Erstiwoche is not required or possible.

After the introduction on Monday, the Erstiwoche begins. For this purpose, all new students are divided into groups by the student representatives and take part in a colorful program. This means timetable consultation, IT introduction, game evenings or a cozy barbecue (all corona-compliant, of course). The individual program varies greatly from student council to student council.

If you want to know what your timetable for the Erstiwoche looks like beforehand, then take a look at the website of the central ESA team. There you will also find all information about the Erstiwoche, such as the links or locations for the introductory events: