Young student and author Luca Bischoni will read excerpts from his book “Als man mir den Stecker zog” (When they pulled the plug on me) on Monday, June 12, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. in Aula 1 in the main building of RWTH Aachen University and provide very personal insights into the time when he became seriously ill with depression in 2021. Bischoni was enrolled in the industrial engineering program at RWTH at the time, majoring in mechanical engineering, studying successfully but visibly losing control of his life as the illness increasingly took hold. Ultimately, his path led him to inpatient treatment. In the meantime, Bischoni is doing better, he has learned to cope with the disease and is now studying psychology at RWTH Aachen University.   

He will talk about this, his very personal story, during the evening.   

Following his reading, he will discuss acute situations, rehabilitation measures and prevention in the context of mental health with the following experts on the podium:   

Dr. Michael Paulzen, Chief Physician Alexian Hospital Aachen, 
Prof. Dr. Irene Neuner, Clinic for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics of the UKA, 
Dr. Josefine Mendez Parente, coordinator of RWTH Mentors, 
Silvia Krebs-Oviedo from the Central Student Advisory Service of the RWTH and 
Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger, Rector of RWTH Aachen University,   

will also take part in the talk round.   

The event is organized by the AStA of the RWTH with the support of the Student Health Management, other actors of the university and external supporters.   

The event is open to the public, registration is not required. In addition, there will be a livestream on YouTube!