Calendar & Student Week

In the following form you can enter your events for our event calendar and the student week on Instagram. In order to be included in the calendar, the event must be offered by a student initiative, a university-related organization, or a student council, and must target all RWTH students. Each week, we select a few events from the calendar to feature on Instagram in the student week.

The student week is a weekly format on Instagram to highlight events, projects and special offers in Aachen. If there are more events than we have slots in the student week, the initiatives/faculty that have not been featured for the longest time will be selected. We reserve the right not to publish individual events if they do not fit thematically into the week.

When entering your events, please make sure that you only enter one event at a time. To enter a second event you have to reload the page.

Please enter your events here:

z.B. bei einem Vortrag oder Infoabend. Wenn ihr eine Party schmeißt bei der es vollkommen egal ist welche Sprache die Teilnehmenden sprechen können, schreibt einfach "egal" ins Feld 🙂
Bitte in der Sprache der Veranstaltung schreiben 🙂 Falls eure Veranstaltung Bilingual ist oder die Sprache der Teilnehmenden egal ist, schreibt uns bitte noch eine Übersetzung ins Englische dazu.
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Our public relations and political education department is responsible for the student week and the calendar.
For questions and comments you can always contact