The RWTH has decided to offer as much of the university life as possible in presence in the coming winter semester, in particular to promote the social integration of the students, but also trying to responsibly deal with the pandemic. Deviations from these regulations may occur due to possible new Ordinances by the land NRW.

▶️ Small groups and events with few participants will be able to take place in presence.

▶️ Large lectures (with 200 people or more) will continue to be held online.

▶️ The 3G rule (vaccinated, tested, recovered) will apply to all face-to-face lectures.

▶️ The RWTH will set up a free testing offer for students who have been vaccinated with a vaccine not approved in the EU or who cannot be vaccinated.

▶️ There will no longer be contact tracing.

▶️ At-seat minimum distance requirements or the mask requirement will not apply in lectures and meetings but a checkerboard pattern in the lineup and wearing a mask during them is recommended.

▶️ The distance rule and the mask requirement still apply in corridors of central lecture halls.

▶️ Courses are to be conducted in hybrid form.

▶️ Dynexite online exams may continue in the coming semester.

▶️ Solutions are being sought to make the 3G rule check feasible as quickly as possible e.g. via optical marking of the Bluecard.

▶️ The rules above are also expected to apply to lab practicals, field trips and student workplaces.

▶️ Different rules may apply to Medicine, which will be decided and announced by the Dean’s Office of Medicine.

▶️ Regulations in the current exam phase (until the start of lectures on 11.10.2021) will not change.

You can find all information about the current regulations at:

(mda, kh)