#RWTHbackground – Participate!

You like to take pictures and would like to share them with other students as Zoom backgrounds? Then join in now and send us your #RWTHbackground. All you have to do is fill in the form below. The picture doesn’t necessarily have to be from RWTH, but of course RWTH and Aachen references are welcome. The images that are sent to us can then be downloaded.

The name with which we should give you credit.


The images must be in 16:9 format and have a reasonable resolution, so do not look pixelated and should not include a logo or signature. The name of the picture should represent what is on the picture and your name (e.g. SuperC_Aline_Sylla.png).

The pictures must be taken by you, you must own the rights to the picture and if there are people in the picture, you must have their permission. We will use the pictures only for the purpose of the backgrounds and not for any other purpose. We reserve the right not to include individual images that do not meet the requirements or depict content of violence, hatred or agitation in the collection.


Honor to whom honor is due. We will watermark the pictures similar to the lecture hall pictures with the AStA logo. In addition, your name will appear under the logo on the picture.

Also on the AStA page itself you will be mentioned by name directly under your picture.

Depending on what all comes together, we would like to show, with your consent, a few of the backgrounds also on social media to feature the project again. Of course, you will also be named and possibly marked there, if you tell us your account name.