Students whose accommodations have been affected by the flood can have all documents (scripts, certificates, attestations) provided by the individual chairs and the Central Examination Office (Zentralen Prüfungsamt, ZPA) reprinted or reissued free of charge.

Who should I contact?
If paid scripts have been lost due to the flood, you can contact the chair responsible for the particular script. For lost attestations and certificates, you can contact the Central Examination Office (ZPA).

What documents do I need?
In order to make this support as unbureaucratic as possible, the responsible offices only require proof of residence (e.g. identity card, registration certificate, etc.).

How do I get the documents?
How exactly the documents will reach you must be clarified individually with the chairs in the case of scripts and with the Central Examination Office (ZPA) in the case of certificates (e.g. by mail or pick-up).

Who can I contact if problems occur?
In case of any difficulties, you can contact our department for social affairs by mail: