The semester fee is due again! Make sure that the contribution has been credited to the RWTH account by September 1 at the latest and that the reason for payment has been entered correctly. You can check your current contribution status in RWTHOnline!

If you forget to transfer the semester fee before September 1, you will not be automatically exmatriculated. You will only have to pay an additional processing fee. In this case, please contact the Student Secretariat.

In the winter semester 22/23 the semester fee is 239,19 €. The semester fee consists of the mobility fee (201,05€), the social contribution (98,00 €) and the student body contribution (11,10 €). Because of the 9€ ticket the semester fee will be reduced by 70,96€. You can find more information here. If you want to know how the semester fee is calculated, who decides about it and what happens with your money, then take a look at this article: