Why do the free attempts not apply to the Master’s programme, where the conditions are the same?

When the new regulations on free attempts were published by the state on 1 December, they again included a general free attempt regulation. After the publication, the AStA, together with the students in the Senate, contacted the professors, academic staff (WM) and employees in technology and administration (BTV) in the Senate to discuss how this matter should be handled at RWTH.

In this discussion, the group of academic staff in particular expressed concern that the free trials create an excessive amount of additional work. Furthermore, the groups of WMs and professors expressed further concerns about a free trial regulation for all students.

As a compromise, it was worked out that the free attempt regulation would only apply to the Bachelor’s degree, which was then extended in the Senate meeting to include third attempts in the Master’s degree.In this Senate meeting, we explicitly expressed that we want a free attempt regulation for all students.

We are not happy with this compromise and have always advocated for a general regulation, as all students are equally affected by the pandemic. However, we do not have the majority in the Senate, which is why we depend on the votes of the other groups.

We will continue to campaign for a general regulation for you!

Could the situation still change?

At the moment, the discussion and the associated decision are over. We also see little chance of changing the opinions of the other groups in a further discussion.

If the pandemic situation should worsen again, it is possible that the regulation will be adjusted again, but unfortunately no one knows the course of the pandemic.

What can I do now?

To be honest: Not much. It sounds stupid, but unfortunately that’s the way it is.

All student representatives are in favour of a free attempt regulation for all students and therefore know that you want it. Of course, you can still talk to us, we will definitely continue to campaign for this regulation.