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Johannes Mehler

Hi all students,

I am Johannes Mehler, 22 years old and I am studying Industrial Engineering specialised in Mechanical Engineering. As the responsible for science and communication at the university I put myself out for the improvement of teaching at the RWTH Aachen. With this I want to establish optimal conditions and requirements for your studies. To reach this goal I campaign that potentials for improvements are always used and that new projects are started.

Besides the further development of the official RWTH app the few opportunities to learn at the university are always an area of improvement. Thus, I am steadily searching for suitable rooms to offer them as a room to study.

My experiences in representing the students gained at the student representative organisation for mechanical engineering students will help me to represent all of you in the several committees and councils and to stand up for your interests.

To know your problems and wishes I am in contact with all the several student representative organisations of the different studies.

If you have any questions regarding the right of examination you can always contact me. I am always there to support and help you.

If you have further questions or suggestions, feel free to contacht me. I am looking forward to support you.

Project Manager

  • Ben Kadereit (IDEALeague/IDEALiSTiC)
  • Jan Kösters (abroad)
  • Aline Nüttgens (examination law)
  • Markus Scheller (flexibilsation exams & IDEALeague road sign)
  • Philipp Tingart (examination law)
  • Laura Witzenhausen (blended learning)
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