A new ordinance amending the Corona Epidemic Higher Education Ordinance results in some interesting points for students at RWTH. The individual standard period of study will be increased once again for all students enrolled in the winter semester. So if you were enrolled in the last summer semester and this winter semester, an increase of the standard period of study by two semesters applies to you. In addition, the free attempt regulation for all attempts is now an opt-out regulation – the rectorates must therefore actively decide against a free attempt regulation according to this regulation. The RWTH has already decided to keep the free attempt regulation in the winter semester. Since the new regulation will not expire until October 1, 2021, it will remain in effect for the upcoming summer semester, subject to any changes. If there are no further changes to the ordinance and the rectorate does not issue any deviating regulations, the free attempt regulation will thus also apply to the exam period in the summer semester 2021. The effects for BAföG recipients have not yet been clarified despite the increase in the standard period of study. We will work to ensure that BAföG is extended by one semester accordingly.

You can find more information on current regulation on our website: