Run ’n Dine- End of the Registration Period!

This summer, get ready to make new friends and enjoy a chill evening filledwith delicious home cooked cuisines from all over the world.

We did a small rebranding and came up with a new name for the event previouslyknown as „Running Dinner“

Join us on May 28th for the AV’s Run ’n Dine! What is Run ’n Dine?

1) Sign up with a friend!
2) After the registration period, you will be sent a personalized dinner route,along with which course you and your friend will be cooking (either appetizer,entree, or dessert). This course will be cooked in your own kitchen.
3) Two other teams will join you, resulting in 6 people at your dining roomtable.
4) For example, if you and your friend are assigned the appetizer round, thenyou will cook and serve appetizers in your own home for 6 people including you.For the Main Course, you will go to someone else’s home and be served somedelicious cooking. For dessert, you will again move locations.
5) At a pre-determined time, each team will visit the home of another cookingpair. Always a different location, always new people, always delicious!
6) Getting together afterwards with your guests/hosts — strongly recommended!

The registration period will close on 13th May at midnight. Currently we are not checking 3G rules for this event in accordance with the current stateregulations. You may of course do a test if you feel more comfortable.
We encourage you to cook a dish from your home country (not mandatory, but would be nice!).

Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.


13 Mai 2022



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